By Sarah Omondi

The US Embassy in Kenya has issued a security alert to Americans in Kenya ahead of August 9 General Elections.

Saying election-related demonstrations that occur during run-up to elections could continue and halt transport, the Embassy cautioned its citizens against traveling to Kisumu and advised on sustained vigilance.

The alert indicates that strikes and protests related to economic conditions may regularly occur in the mentioned region.

“Demonstrations may occasionally be violent, requiring police intervention,” the Embassy said in an advisory dated August 2.

Further, the Embassy issued several precaution measures including avoiding crowded places, being vigilant while visiting banks, have up-to-date travel documents and always carry their proper identification documents.

Diplomats have been advised to monitor local media for updates, avoiding demonstrations and review their personal security plans.

The alert comes as candidates for various elective seats intensify campaigns ahead of next Tuesday’s elections.


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