Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Sarah Omondi

The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has recommended prosecution of senior police officers linked to the death of six-month-old Baby Samantha Pendo in Kisumu during the 2017 post-election violence in Kisumu.

The DPP ordered four senior officers who led the operations in the informal settlements of Kondele, Nyamasaria, Nyalenda and Obunga areas be charged with murder, rape and torture among other human rights violations.

In a statement on October 28, Mr Haji said the attacks were committed under direct command of senior police officers who besides murder of the child committed other crimes against humanity.

Revealing that the matter was delayed due to complexity of the offences and investigations, Mr Haji said he was convinced that there was enough evidence to show the officers committed the crimes and will be charged under International Crimes Act, No. 16 of 2008.

“It is evident from the records that several residents of the informal settlements were subjected to untold incidents of pain and suffering as the police officers engaged in excessive use of force and sexual violence of unprecedented magnitudes on the citizens,” the DPP said.

Baby Pendo died from internal head injuries that were allegedly inflicted by officers who had broken into her parents’ house while pursuing residents who were protesting outcome of the 2017 General elections.

The DPP however did not reveal the name of the suspects who include a Commissioner of Police, Senior and Assistant Superintendent of Police, Chief Inspector of Police, six Inspectors of Police, a Senior Sergeant and a Sergeant.

“The identities of the suspects have not been disclosed to ensure that the victims and witnesses of the aforementioned crimes are protected,” Haji noted.


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