By Julia Gesare

A three-year-old boy whose eyes were gouged out by people believed to be close relatives in December last year has told court that it was her grandmother, Rael Nyakerario Mayaka, who did it.

Baby Sagini while testifying virtually before Kisii Law Court, said he did not want to hear about Ms Mayaka because she removed his eyes.

His lawyer Ms Anita Nduhukire had asked him who Ms Mayaka was and he said he did not even want to talk about her because of what she did, and refused to take more questions.

His sister Shantel Kemunto told the court how the two had been sent by their grandmother to fetch water when his brother went missing.

The minor was discovered the following day in a maize plantation with his eyes removed.

The two minors are currently under state protection in an undisclosed location.

The prosecution has three more witnesses who are expected to give their testimonies on March 24, one is under state protection while the other two are security officers who investigated the incident.

The grandmother, her daughter Ms Pacificah Nyakerario (aunt) and Mr Alex Maina Ochogo (cousin) are currently in police custody over the heinous act.


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