A boy grazing sheep in Ngaremara along Isiolo-Moyale highway. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Tension is rife at Manyatta Zebra in Ngaremara, Isiolo following a banditry attack that claimed two lives and saw unknown number of animals stolen.

Some of the local residents have reportedly fled their homes for fear of a similar attack.

Isiolo County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding said a contingent of officers had been deployed to the area and to also pursue the criminals who fled towards Samburu East side.

The attack comes two days after four people including a woman and her two children were killed in a similar attack in Dogogicha, Merti Sub-County.

UDA Woman Representative aspirant Ms Winfred Kagwiria appealed for restraint and asked the public to allow police undertake investigations.

“By revenging we will not bring back what has already been lost. We should instead let the security team play their role effectively,” said Ms Kagwiria.

The politician hit out at elected leaders saying they had not sufficiently empowered the youths who she said were engaging in the crime due to lack of jobs.

“High poverty levels with the rising cost of living might be the reason why the youths are engaging in the crime. There is much that can be done to ensure they are engaged,” she said while also appealing to elders to spearhead eradication of retrogressive cultural practices.


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