The recovered firearm. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Evans Ouma

Police in Kakamega town have recovered a firearm suspected to have been stolen from a police officer.

The Ceska pistol loaded with 15 rounds on 9mm calibre was recovered from three suspects who were holed at a house in Mukumu, Khayega location, following an intensive crackdown mounted by the DCI Western command on criminals and criminal gangs in the area.

Following the evening raid, Joseph Maina, 22, Dennis Githae, 25, and Stanley Githae, 20, were arrested and household goods suspected to have been stolen in various robbery incidents within Kakamega recovered.

The items included laptops, smart phones, television sets, home theatres among other electronic items and kitchenware.

Earlier, detectives had received intelligence regarding the suspects who immediately went into hiding, when they got wind that an operation to flush out criminals from the county was impending.

The suspects are currently detained at Khayega police station awaiting arraignment tomorrow.

The recovered firearm will be forwarded for ballistic examination and further analysis to establish if it could have been used in previous scenes of armed attacks.

The arrests and recovery of the firearm comes hours after 14 members of a notorious outfit known as ’Mbogi la Izram Teritory’ that has been terrorising local residents with reckless abandon were arrested.


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