Remains from a past fire incident in Kiwanjani, Isiolo. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Over 40 Isiolo residents have been rendered homeless after a total of eight houses were reduced to ashes in two separate fire incidents in Bulapesa and Wabera wards.

In the first incident at Kiwanja Ndege village in Wabera, five rental houses were razed down following Monday night’s inferno whose cause is yet to be established.

Ms Monicah Kagwiria, a resident,  said the fire that started in one of the houses but later spread to the neighboring houses consumed property worth over Sh1 million.

“We have lost everything we had. We have nothing to feed our children, let alone taking them back to school next week,” lamented Kagwiria.

In Bulapesa, the Thursday morning inferno left three families homeless even as the locals called for probe of the county’s emergency response department which they said needed to be streamlined for effective response to emergencies.

According to the victims, their property would have been salvaged had the fire engine arrived at the accident scene on time.

“It is sad that despite alerting them (fire department) in time, they took too long to arrive resulting to the huge losses,” lamented Pastor Shadrack Mwiti, a witness.

Ms Miriam Kendi, a victim, revealed that after arriving the engine experienced mechanical hitches that took longer to fix.

“The fire engine pipes were broken and the firefighters spent quite some time fixing them,” she noted.

The locals appealed to the county government and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid and help them resettle.

“We appeal to the well-wishers to at least give us food so that our children do not die of hunger,” Esther Karimi said.


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