A camel herder. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

More than 70 percent of Marsabit residents urgently require food assistance due to the reeling effects of drought that is the worst in four decades.

National Drought and Management Authority (NDMA) Marsabit Coordinator Parkolwa Mustapha said while the whole county had been adversely affected, North Horr and Laisamis Sub-Counties were most hit.

According to the Authority, nearly 100 percent of the water sources had dried up exposing communities that are predominantly pastoralist to intense suffering.

“The residents are now entirely depending on water boosers that aren’t enough to satisfy the entire population. We need at least 12 more to enable us reach out to all those affected by the drought,” said Mr Mustapha.

The county has not received rainfall for five consecutive seasons, a situation that has led to depletion of pasture and death of more than 200, 000 goats, cows, camels and sheep in the region.

“Our people have lost the animals they were entirely depending on. We appeal for help to enable them enroll their children to school,” he urged.

The official prevailed upon the national and county governments to increase amounts of relief food to help manage the situation and avert loss of lives.

Mr Mustapha also expressed the need to sink boreholes to offer lasting solution to water shortage.


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