Isiolo gubernatorial aspirant Abdi Guyo aka Kayole who has picked James Lowasa as his deputy. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Betty Luke

Isiolo’s Jubilee gubernatorial aspirant Abdi Ibrahim Guyo has unveiled his deputy for the second time after dropping his previous one Hudson Kinyua who has since joined former Governor Godana Doyo’s camp.

The City Majority Leader had early last month picked Mr Kinyua who had then declared interest in the top seat as his running mate but hell broke loose less than a week after the hyped event at Rangelands.

On Friday, the leader confirmed past rumours that he had settled for United Democratic Alliance’s competitor Hussein Tene’s deputy Dr James Lowasa.

Lowasa nearly a fortnight ago during a meeting at Epiding reportedly asked the Turkanas to rally behind Mr Guyo popularly known as Kayole.

In the past few weeks, Dr Lowasa who previously shelved his Isiolo North MP ambitions in support of former MP Joseph Samal, gave Mr Tene’s meetings a wide berth pointing to his sudden change of heart.

“I know there are a lot of propaganda being shared online but I can confirm to you that I am with Guyo as his running mate. Every decision we make must be beneficial to our community. We could not tie the Turkana vote where there were no additional votes from Tene,” a post reportedly shared by Lowasa read.

There had been intense lobbying by a section of the leaders especially from the Turkana community for Lowasa to ditch Mr Tene’s camp over alleged minimal chances of clinching the seat.

Sources within Tene’s quarters revealed plans to replace Dr Lowasa with another Turkana even as day for submission of gubernatorial aspirants and their running mates (May 16) draws closer.

Mr Guyo unveiled Dr Lowasa as his deputy and exuded confidence of clinching the seat whose occupant Mohammed Kuti recently gave him the blessings to take over from him after announcing early exit from active politics over health grounds.

“My Deputy is James Lowasa. For one reason or another I could not keep Kinyua and I shared my reservations with the Amerus,” he said in a video taking rounds online.

He said the pair will walk the talk and ensure they strengthen the unity in their diversity.

“I believe me and him who is a darling not just to the Turkana but Isiolo in general will deliver for the Isiolo people what they rightfully deserve,” he said.

The development has dealt huge blow to Deputy President William Ruto’s quest to clinch some of the top seats in the county perceived to be solidly behind Azimio la Umoja presidential aspirant Raila Odinga.

Mr Tene, considered an underdog in the race, was hoping to ride on Dr Lowasa’s popularity and command of his Turkana community to bag the about 11, 000 votes but will have to go back to the drawing board.

Former Governor Godana Doyo had initially opted for Dr Lowasa before it was agreed that he picks a deputy from the Somali community.

By picking Dr Lowasa, Mr Guyo has galvanised support from the Turkanas known for voting as a block.

He however faces an uphill task commanding significant support from the Ameru community whose majority are leaning on former Ethics and Anti-Corruption boss Halakhe Waqo and others behind Mr Doyo’s candidature.


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