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Unless someone convinces me otherwise, the political scene in this country has never been invaded by people of questionable characters like it has happened during this year’s election.

From the MCAs to the Presidency, it appears as if the country is set to be seized by the ‘Italian Mafia’.

I really cannot put a finger when the rain started beating us, but even if a quarter of devious characters who are competing for various elective posts win, this country will be in real trouble.

Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i has admitted that the danger of unsuitable leaders occupying oversight committees in the legislative assemblies and key appointments in government is real and possible.

What Matiang’i is saying is that unless voters (Kenyans) save the situation by not electing thieves, corrupt, immoral and wayward characters, there is nothing anyone can do but resign to that fate.

CS Matiang’i explanation that the Wash Wash brigade has the means to achieve its goal should be taken seriously.

For one, such barons have money and influence to have their way in a political system whereby money mainly determines who wins in an election.

In this regard and taking into account the absence of a clear law that bars such individuals from being cleared by the IEBC to stand for elective posts, Kenyans will be their worst enemies if they elect the Mafia.

Whoever crafted the law permitting persons with legal matters in court to be deemed innocent until they have exhausted all avenues of appeal is the biggest enemy this country has ever needed.

“There is no one agency to blame for the mess and that is why the remedy lies in a multi-sectoral approach to correct the wrongs before the country goes to the dogs,” Dr. Matiang’i said.

I totally concur with the CS because this country cannot keep on making good laws, initiating appropriate reforms and formulating excellent policies only for such to be rendered impotent by a cabal of opportunists whose goal is to mercilessly plunder this country.

It is demoralising to be aware a problem or danger exist and how to tackle or avoid it but nothing one can do about it.

Ultimately, the solution is the voter but should this be the case?

Should a country be held hostage by forces of evil because of impotent electoral, justice, criminal and law systems?

The famous philosopher, Aristotle held that what was “just by nature” was not always the same as what was “just by law.

He therefore advocated that there was a natural justice valid everywhere with the same force and “not existing by people’s thinking this or that,” and that appeal could be made to it from positive law.

In other words progressive and patriotic forces must ensure injustice however appealing to unknowledgeable must not be allowed to succeed in defining moments in history.

The elections to be held in three months time is one such defining moment and goodwill must win over evil.

I am shying from mentioning what I have in mind but in a nutshell, under the perilous circumstances, Kenya requires a controlled democratic electoral process.

How that can be achieved I leave to conjecture.

Kaunda wa Muchunku

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