Kenyans at a campaign rally in Isiolo town. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

A lot of negative connotations about tribe has formed a narrative that tribe is abomination.

Some leaders will tell the people that tribe is a threat to nationhood. It is unfortunate to hear leaders condemning and heaping blame on tribe for ills that afflict the country.

Why single out tribe as scapegoat for socio-political and economic woes in this country?

Take the current political campaigns for instance. Some leaders who are aiming for the Presidency are not tiring to accuse their opponents of propagating tribalism instead of national agenda.

Political parties have also become vehicles for sly politicians to bash the tribe. Such political demagogues are branding other parties tribal, while they themselves are tribalists of highest order.

Why this ‘hatred’ for tribe in Kenya?

Certainly such hatred is misguided, myopic, dishonest, unfair and out rightly unnecessary. There can never be a nation and a people without tribe.

God created the tribe. He established the twelve (12) tribes of Israel.

Personally, I am proud to be a Meru and indeed an inhabitant of Tharaka-Nithi County from Maara Constituency, Meru South District, Chogoria Location, Mukwego Sub-Location, Thigaa Village and Rukinga Clan.

Then I am a Kenyan. What wrong have I committed for being so?

If I recollect, these are details that are demanded of me by the government whenever I need to access services in this country.

Yet some mediocre leaders want to instill guilt in me and other fellow citizens to hate our origins and subscribe to their narrow mentality that tribe is anathema.

It is sad to note that years of brainwashing has also convinced some Kenyans that they are lesser human beings because of tribe.

Yet every other time the same leaders who are condemning tribe are dying to be installed as tribal spokespersons and kingpins.

The same leaders can pay a fortune to be installed as elders of tribe other than the one they belong to.

These political hypocrites will not miss to attend cultural events in urban and rural areas. Here they change tune to talk about the beauty of culture and need to preserve and protect it.

How the heck are these political cons expecting the people to uphold cultural values, ethos and norms in the absence tribe?

There can only be one conclusion, tribe is not bad but people are. Tribe is part of the building blocks that form the mosaic of a true and beautiful nation and country.

There is no happiness and satisfaction bigger than when we see Kenyans attending Ramogi, Kikuyu, Meru, Luhya and Kamba night events and others regardless of tribe.

Indeed such events is evidence that Kenyans are not bothered by tribe but unfortunately some queer leaders are intent on reminding them about tribe using negative, deligatory and uncouth epithets.

Kenyans must reject ethic profiling and stereotyping.

I will not accept to be recruited into herd mentality of tribal chauvinists who masquerade as paragons of nationalism when they are hyenas dorning sheepskins.

I hope majority of Kenyans feel the same and share my views.

Kaunda wa Muchunku

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