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If you ever encounter a person celebrating a battle when the war is yet to be won it should worry you.

Kenya’s biggest ‘political war’ at the moment is the 2022 general election.

To political naives in Mt Kenya, it is the occasional by-elections, court rulings and few other setbacks befalling Jubilee government and its leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

Another region that has a similar political naiveity is the North Rift-Valley.

The elation some politicians in those two regions are given to, especially when Jubilee Party lost in London and Rurii Wards in Nakuru and Nyandarua counties, Juja constituency in Kiambu county and BBI Bill court ruling setback are best examples of premature thrills.

Allow me to elaborate as I bring Mt Kenya to its political senses.

Once a upon a time, a little known political rookie by the name Moses Njihia (now deceased) performed a Moses Kuria act and drama in Kiambu and trounced Uhuru Kenyatta during a hotly contested parliamentary election in Gatundu South Constituency.

Uhuru had stood on a KANU ticket.

Uhuru encountered a similar political fate in 2002 presidential election when he lost to former president Mwai Kibaki, who contested under NASA banner.

Uhuru was the KANU presidential candidate.

These political duels were happening when Mt Kenya was experiencing strong opposition feelings.

Nonetheless, Uhuru Kenyatta was not demoralised but went ahead to win not only Gatundu South constituency seat but the Presidency.

Situations might be different but scenarios and goals remain the same for Uhuru Kenyatta.

For one, on those two occasions, Mt Kenya had nothing to lose because Gatundu constituency and the presidential seat were housekeeping matters for the region.

Were the two seats to be a contest between Uhuru and a leader outside the mountain, Uhuru would have received almost all the votes in Mt Kenya.

What is the relationship between these political setbacks and current Mt Kenya political activities as far as Uhuru Kenyatta is concerned?

Unlike when performing political housekeeping, this time round, the Mountain has external challenges on its doorstep to deal with.

Of note is that the mountain appears to be in a serious geo-political cocoon.

This is a region that is deruding itself that it could rebel against Uhuru who is currently in power and continue being in power after he, Uhuru exit the Presidency.

Even if Mt Kenya thinks so, the nearest it can achieve this impossible goal is Deputy President position.

Mt Kenya political derusion is not without reason.

The region’s politicians think that Mt Kenya has enough vote numbers (which is true) and only require Rift-Valley to remain or be near the House on the Hill in 2022. Uongo!

Why do I say so?

Forget about the often quoted hustler revolution, a real revolution of gargantuan proportion is building up in the country.

This revolution will not be different from 2017 when all the other regions ganged up against Mt Kenya and Rift Valley regions.

This time round any truthful political pundit will concur that a political tsunami is readying itself to get rid of the two region political and leadership hegemony once and for all.

It is gospel truth that all other regions in the country support the BBI Bill and referendum to amend constitution 2010, ostensibly because they perceive this as a solution to the two region monopoly of power and resources.

Those regions will never accept the country to hold another general election without a reconstituted electoral body.

Furthermore, those regions are comfortable with an expanded executive and a constitutionally supported opposition, which they perceive as god-sent chances to share in the spoils of political competitions in this country.

The regions am writing about are where most minority tribes in the country are domiciled.

Unless mistaken, this political reality and forthcoming deluge is in my opinion what Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to avoid because it might leave Mt Kenya in political leadership cold for some years to come.

For those in the Mountain who think this as an impossibility, take a moment to scan the anti-Ruto feelings around the country and you might be surprised that outside the Mountain and his Rift Valley backyard, the fellow is disliked leper style!

The thought that leadership can continue rotating between two regions since independence is driving some regions nuts.

It is therefore foolhardy for Mt Kenya leaders to cheat themselves that by punishing Uhuru for any reason, this will bear political divideds for the region.

My considered opinion is that in the event that Uhuru is unable to overcome political naughtiness in the Mountain, some leaders within the region might achieve elected positions but under the opposition.

On the other hand, Uhuru might not change this Mt Kenya attitude but succeed in getting a valuable leadership position for the Mountain by any means necessary.

That way Mt Kenya might later thank Uhuru and seek his forgiveness.

Otherwise a day in politics being a long haul, the Mountain might realize the mistake of ignoring Uhuru and change its fatalistic political trajectory before it is too late.

Kaunda wa Muchunku

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