Tharaka Nithi resident Edwin Mutwiri. PHOTO/POOL

Tharaka Nithi, Embu and Meru counties have for years supported Kikuyu Presidential candidate under GEMA umbrella. They supported the immediate former President Mwai Kibaki for seasons even despite him losing to Moi. From 2013, they have supported President Kenyatta to date.

These three counties, Embu, Meru and Tharaka Nithi which falls under Mt Kenya East region feels that it’s the right time for our brothers in Mt Kenya Central to reciprocate the favour by supporting a presidential or running mate candidate from Mt Kenya East.

For sometime, I have been opposed to Speaker Justin Muturi’s coronation as Mt Kenya Spokesman because of the whole process and how it was done- no consultation with local leaders, no room fo competition by other candidates. However, I am of view that if there are no other candidates showing interest in taking over from President Kenyatta, let Speaker Muturi carry it.

My support for Muturi is also supported by the fact that he is from Mt Kenya East. A few days after coronation, some leaders from Mt Kenya Central, who feel that Kikuyu should produce a president or deputy president, gathered in corridors of a hotel and issued a press statement that sent signals to signify discontent with Mt Kenya East choice. This was ill and so selfish and we from Mt Kenya East will not take it lightly.

This is time for Mt Kenya East executive leader, whether from Embu, Meru or Tharaka Nithi; whoever the people endorse will carry the day. We are tired of parasitism trend by our brothers who thinks they are a superior tribe and who have God given rights of ruling this nation.

We are tired of always pushing agenda for people who hardly pushes ours. We are tired of political betrayal as they did to Prof Kithure Kindiki when he was being ousted from Senate Deputy Speaker position in the most dehumanizing manner. We are just tired.

There is no community that should feel more superior than the other. There is no community that should be a political slave of the other(s). Politics should be a symbiosis game.

Its either our brothers from West support Mt Kenya East choice or do away with GEMA pact. If that will not happen, GEMA will follow her child, Jubilee Party, in death bed.

Edwin Mutwiri

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