Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Salim Mutuma

Concerns have been raised over accumulation of hundreds of unclaimed bodies at the Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue which is posing a health threat.

The facility that on average disposes 60 bodies in a month is overstretched as more than 300 bodies lie at the chambers whose capacity is 60.

The pile up, hospital officials say, is due to delay by courts to grant disposal orders for the unclaimed bodies despite making applications since November last year.

The hospital has resorted to turning away police officers carrying unclaimed bodies from crime scenes as a stopgap measure.

Law requires that bodies not claimed in 10 days be disposed through a court order.

Some of the bodies lie in the morgue due to existing family disputes.

This as reports indicate that courts had demanded that the bodies be identified before a disposal order is granted.

Residents have called for expansion of the chambers to accommodate double or triple the current capacity.

“The county government should speedily expand the mortuary capacity as well as those for other hospitals to address future crisis,” Charles Mutuma appealed.


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