By Gregory Musyoki

Kajiado residents who lost their animals in a mudslide following heavy rains in Imbirikani Eselenkei ward in Kajiado have received Sh1.2 million compensation from the county government.

During a visit to the families that were affected by the floods that killed more than 500 goats, sheep and calves, Governor Joseph Ole Lenku said the compensation was meant to reinstate the family in their initial status due to loss of livelihoods.

The families, during the incident, watched helplessly as heavy rains pounded Chyulu Hills causing the damage.

Last week, close to 10 Isiolo residents lost more than 200 camels following floods at Biliqo Marara in Merti occasioned by bursting of River Ewaso Nyiro banks.

The herders, who were driving their animals towards Isiolo town watched helplessly as their animals got submerged and swept away with efforts to retrieve them turning futile.

The families have since appealed to the government to intervene as they entirely depended on the animals for a living.

“We can no longer fend for our families. We do not know whether our children will continue with their education because we have now been rendered poor,” said one of the herders.


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