A wheelbarrow. PHOTO/COURTESY

The family of Siaya man who was murdered in Imbaya village for failing to return a borrowed wheelbarrow belonging to a neighbour has accused the government of delay in arresting the perpetrators.

In a video that has taken rounds online, a group of people is seen assaulting a 44-year-old Gabriel Wekele while demanding for the wheelbarrow.

Reports indicate that after the owner and the man failed to locate the wheelbarrow, the former tied Mr Wekele with a rope before descending on him with blows and kicks.

Others joined him and continued beating the man and later left him lying unconscious.

Mr Wekele died at a local hospital where he was rushed by a relative while the family was planning to transfer him to Siaya County Referral Hospital.

A relative said the main suspect and accomplices should be arrested for the offence revealing that he had offered to pay for the wheelbarrow before the owner and the deceased embarked on search mission.

An autopsy revealed that the man died of excessive bleeding from deep cuts inflicted by a sharp object.


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