Isiolo Woman Representative Mumina Bonaya. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Isiolo Woman Rep Mumina Bonaya has appealed to the government to help pastoralist communities restock their livestock to cushion them against biting effects of drought and anticipated depressed March-April-May rain.

The legislator said majority of the communities had lost most of their animals making them poor and unable to earn a decent livelihood.

“The only skill that our people has is livestock keeping and even if we diversify our livelihood, it might take some years to fully reap from it,” said Ms Bonaya.

She lamented that if the government does not move with haste, there could be increased criminal activities in urban centers due to influx from rural areas.

“Without reinstating our people to their initial be positions, we expect an influx in our towns and this may lead to many ills that come with unemployment and desire to earn a living,” she noted.

The legislator called on the locals not to entirely depend on animal keeping but to try new ways of survival to avoid losses akin to those they had so far experienced during the ongoing drought.

Recent data from the National Drought and Management Authority in shows that more than 50 percent of the county livestock had died threatening livelihoods.

Incessant banditry attacks in border areas across the county has also threatened animal keeping that is the main economic stay in the region.

The MP urged the communities to commercialize pastoralism and shun keeping animals for social status and a sign of wealth.

“It is the high time we abandoned the culture of keeping animals for prestige. We should be alert that whenever there is a sign of danger, we sell some and save money for future emergencies,” she noted.


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