By Gregory Musyoki

Schools in Kajiado County are now allowing hungry parents queue with learners for a plate of food during lunch time due to pangs of hunger aggravated by the prolonged drought.

The schools, according to sources, could in the coming days grapple with food shortage as the little that is available is shared with hungry members of the community.

According to the teachers there is nothing they can do as they cannot send the parents away.

Hundreds of families has lost their animals that were main source of income due to the ongoing drought leaving them facing acute hunger.

According to the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), more than 400, 000 households in the county are in dire need of food aid due to drought.

This as weather projections show that the drought, which had affected over 25 counties across the country and Kenya’s worst in four decades will worsen in coming months.


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