By Musa Misiko

Azimio la Umoja Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga has announced that he will not attend the Presidential debate slated for July 26 (Tuesday).

Mr Odinga said his decision is prompted by Kenya Kwanza Alliance opponent William Ruto’s demand that the debate be devoid of corruption, integrity, ethics and governance which are key issues.

“These issues sit at the core of the Azimio campaign. Any debate devoid of these questions would be as insult to the intelligence of Kenyans. That is why we don’t intend to share a national podium with a person who lacks basic decency,” Mr Odinga said.

In a release by his Presidential Campaign Secretariat Spokesperson Makau Mutua, Mr Odinga claimed Dr Ruto had proven over the course of his career that he could do and say anything in his ungovernable greed for power.

DP Ruto traversed the country hurling insults at him and other national leaders, Mr Odinga said it would be colossal mistake to share a podium with the leader.

“We will not help his falling campaign. He can explain himself and his poor record to voters without our help,” he noted.

He said he will alongside his running mate Martha Karua take part in a televised town hall at Jericho Social Hall in Nairobi’s Eastland with ordinary Kenyans to offer our solutions to the challenges facing the Mwananchi.

“They (Raila and Karua) will answer questions put them by people of Kenya openly, honestly and free from what would otherwise be nothing more than empty self-serving political theater,” the release read in part.


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