Rolls of bhang. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Isiolo has for the second time in less than a week hit the headlines after some residents were captured stumbling for bhang that had spilt on the road following a motorcycle accident in Isiolo town.

A speeding bodaboda rider and a pillion were ferrying the narcotics in a sack when they knocked down two elderly women who were crossing the road and fell on the ground.

A commotion ensued as residents who rushed to the scene broke into three groups, one scrambling for the scattered narcotics, the other assisting the accident victims while the rest subjecting the two suspects to mob justice halting transport along the busy stretch for several minutes.

By the time police officers arrived at the scene, a section of residents had already taken off with a more than five kilograms of bhang according to eye witnesses.

The officers while arresting the two suspects, who had been apprehended by the public, recovered a quarter kilogram of bhang from the scene.

The motorcycle was towed to Isiolo Police Station where the duo are detained as investigations continue ahead of their arraignment for bhang sale and trafficking.

The injured women are receiving treatment at Isiolo Referral Hospital.

The county days ago hit the headlines after security agencies established that illicit brewers were using Anti-Retroviral drugs in production of the unregulated drinks exposing patrons to a lot of risk.


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