Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Kenya Joseph Ntombura. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Salim Mutuma

The Methodist Church of Kenya Presiding Bishop Joseph Ntombura has told off politicians dismissing the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as the Mt Kenya spokesperson.

The cleric said politicians must practice mature politics and allow each other sell their agenda and not engaging in verbal attacks as could divide Kenyans.

Speaking during the send-off ceremony for the National Council of Elders Chair Phares Rutere at his BBC home, Reverend Ntombura said leaders should exercise tolerance against each other and allow Kenyans to make the final decision.

“We should allow our sons and daughters to do politics and not rubbishing them off because Kenyans are the ones to make the final decision,” the cleric said in reference to leaders opposed to Mr Muturi’s recent coronation.

Retired Bishop Lawi Imathiu mourned Mzee Rutere as an agitator of peace and asked Kenyans to stay united saying peace was crucial ingredient to development.

“You left so fast, I was eight years older and I never expected you could have gone before me,” Imathiu said.


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