Police officers at a roadblock. PHOTO/POOL

By William Koome

Tharaka Nithi County gubernatorial hopeful Eric Gitonga has decried alleged harassment by police over suspected political reasons.

Speaking to The Press Point via phone on Friday, Mr Gitonga who works for LAPFUND as Finance Officer in Tana River County said police have been harassing him for the last two days.

He said on Thursday, his vehicle was blocked by officers from Tana Delta Police Station while on his way home in Ganga ward, Maara constituency, Tharaka Nithi County and detained for several hours only to be released without recording any statement or even being informed on the reason for the arrest.

“I was blocked at a police roadblock, my vehicle searched and I was taken to Tana Delta Police Station and later released without explanation why I had been locked up,” said Mr Gitonga.

He said since it was already late and could not get home before curfew hours and for safety concerns, he opted to spend the night in Garissa.

Mr Gitonga said he started his journey home at 5 am but was later at around 7 am blocked again by officers from Bangale Police Station.

He said he saw one of the police officers read a paper as his vehicle approached the roadblock and immediately flagged him down and ordered him to park by the roadside.

The officers ordered him to get out of the vehicle but fearing for his life and with the experience of the previous incident, he demanded to know the reason because other vehicles were not being flagged down.

He narrated that one of the officers deflated his vehicle’s tyre and held him there until around 1 pm where by the time of going press he was still held while inside the vehicle.

Mr Gitonga was scheduled to hold a family and friends meeting at his village home tomorrow (Saturday) to officially announce his bid for Tharaka Nithi County governorship in 2022.

He suspects that the tribulations that he is facing are a result of his political ambitions.


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