Hudson Kinyua who was endorsed by Ameru community elders for Isiolo Governorship on October 31, 2021. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

The Ameru Community elders have endorsed Mr Hudson Kinyua to vie for Isiolo Gubernatorial seat in 2022 general elections.

Tens of elders and a section of community leaders on Sunday said they had resolved to support Mr Kinyua to safeguard the interests of the community that they claimed had been sidelined by the current and former regime.

Through their association dubbed Ameru Turiamwe, the community said they were tired of supporting other communities and time had come for them to reciprocate and support the Ameru candidate.

“We are tired of supporting tribal leaders who later sideline us in sharing of the county’s cake. Time has come to elect a leader of integrity and who will ensure all communities interests are safeguarded,” the Association’s Chairperson Mr Paul Mugambi said.

Elder Lazaru Ithang’atha pointed out that Mr Kinyua was the right person to unite the community and urged him to be a role model to the community.

He said unity was paramount if the community was to succeed in the Governor’s quest and asked other communities to support his candidature.

“Everyone in the community is watching and following your footsteps so make sure you lead us into the right path by uniting us with the other communities,” the elder said.

Mr Kinyua lauded the elders for showing trust in him, maintaining that he would ensure the community’s interests are safeguarded once elected as the Governor.

He said that he was committed to serve the people and promised to seek support from other communities in the county to galvanise his support.

However, he warned other aspirants from the community against vying for the same positions saying it would sabotage the efforts to ensure better representation.

Mr Kinyua said as a community they would sit down with the elders and aspirants to field a single candidate for seats to avert splitting of the votes.

“We will not allow more than one candidate for the MCA seat in any single ward because we cannot accept one person’s selfishness to deny us the chance to serve our community,” he said.

For Isiolo North MP seat, the aspirant said they would hold discussions and decide the right path to take, maintaining that having aspirants for all the seats would deny them the chance of seeking support from other communities.

“We cannot contest for all the seats as we need others to win,” said Mr Kinyua.

Mr Kinyua joins a list of eight others including the incumbent Governor Mohammed Kuti and his predecessor Godana Doyo and ex-EACC boss Halahke Waqo.


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