A wreckage of a vehicle involved in past accident. PHOTO/POOL

By Sarah Omondi

Mugithi secular star Gathee wa Njeri survived a grisly road accident along Thika road.

His fans and friends were shocked when pictures of his vehicle’s wreckage were shared online, many fearing for the worst.

The artist, popularly known as Mugithi Master and known for popular hits such as Saitan, Wamunyota and Kiumbani, was driving home Thursday night when a bus rammed into his car at Roysambu area.

After hours of silence online and Kenyans not knowing how he was faring on, the artist turned up for a performance Friday night (at Marina Lodge Kamakis bypass) and also performed at Rainbow Resort Ruiru on Saturday night.

The Nyota School of Music boss would on Sunday share the horrifying but miraculous experience.

“I was involved in a tragic accident at Roysambu. I was thrown over the bridge by a bus. I was alone in the car and by the grace of God, I escaped unhurt. I am well,” Gathee wa Njeri shared on his official Facebook page.

“When you will be saying your prayers, please thank God for saving my life. Through prayer and God’s mercy, I am alive and was given another chanceā€¦ Let us continue praying for each other,” he went on.

Fans took to social media to thank God for protecting the artist.

“That is a clear testimony of God’s hand in our lives. Any other theory is misleading. We are happy that you escaped unhurt,” Frank Moore shared on Facebook.

Commenting on the artist post, Richard Ken Koroba said “If any of us badly need to see a miracle, then look no further. This one is miracle enough to convince even the doubting Thomases that God is able, faithful and he protects our lives each and every second. Say Amen!!”

Ms Lynn Kirk said “It’s indeed by God’s Grace. He is not yet done with you and that’s why you are alive today. For the Honor and Glory of His Name”.


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