A screenshot of the Multimedia University 7th graduation booklet for 2019/20 graduands whose graduation is scheduled for December 18, 2020. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

Multimedia University got a scornful online bashing from parents and graduating students for failure to avail a list of graduands hours to the event that will be held virtually tomorrow.

Disappointed students took to social media and accused the university of poor communication and failure to respond to queries submitted on its official social pages.

Parents who were anxious to know if their children were among those to graduate also shared their discontentment in the manner in which the graduation updates were being shared.

Graduands lamented that the institution did not give them ample time to confirm their details before the 48-page-booklet was later shared on December 17 at about 7pm.

The University had four hours earlier shared a congratulatory message on its Facebook page and notified the graduands of the virtual event but did not respond to concerns raised over the list.

“MMU wishes to inform all candidates who qualified for conferment of degrees and award of diploma during the 2019/20 academic year that the 7th graduation ceremony will be held virtually tomorrow (Friday) from 9am…,” the university shared around 3pm.

While responding to the post, Kevin Kagwe wrote “Says a university yet to provide graduation list 13 hours to the event”

Another Jimmie Mwakazi said it was unfortunate that students were waiting for graduation blindly despite the university being among the leading institutions in innovative technology.

“MMU you have failed us…” he shared on Facebook.

The delay in availing the list denies students whose names were not captured the opportunity to graduate.

The University had not by 9pm shared the login details for the virtual session.

“My parents we so afraid and could not believe me when I told them the list had not been shared by 6pm. It is so infuriating but I thank God I am in the graduating list,” a graduand told the Press Point.


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