Newly appointed Medical Services Chief Officer Abdirahman Ibrahim PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Newly appointed Isiolo Health Chief Officer Abdirahman Mohammed Ibrahim has promised to streamline the sector and ruthlessly deal with drug theft in hospitals across the county.

Mr Ibrahim said a digital tracking system will ensure transparency in drug issuance and movement and help seal loopholes that rogue workers have been using to divert drugs, exposing patients to unnecessary suffering.

Cases of poor accountability of drugs and other medical supplies have been rife in the past with reports indicating that they were being taken to local private chemists ostensibly owned by some of the workers.

“I am not planning to plant spies at workplaces but I will professionally ensure all health workers are accountable for the benefit of the patients seeking services at our facilities,” he told The Press Point, saying he was keen on enhanced service delivery.

Mr Ibrahim said as a way of ensuring quality service delivery, he will ensure fair promotions based on merit and support workers career progression by facilitating trainings.

“It is demoralizing when a medic who has worked for years are in the same position with the fresh graduates. We will ensure promotions are done diligently,” he assured.

He said Governor Abdi Ibrahim led administration was keen on provision of high class health care as was promised during campaigns.

Mr Ibrahim spoke shortly after he took oath of office Thursday.


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