By Sarah Omondi

A police officer with three pending impersonation cases has been arrested for masquerading KRA staff.

The officer, in company of two others, a man and woman, visited one of the shops within Runda Estate and identified themselves as KRA staff on routine tax compliance checks.

One of them even produced staff badge alleged to be from the Authority bearing names David Simiu.

The trio accused the businessman of failure to issue ETR, tax invoice to customers and selling products with fake excise stamps and demanded money from him.

They would then issue the proprietor with a seizure notice from KRA after he declined to pay the money.

Doubting their genuiness, the trader raised alarm and members of the public hurriedly came in but two of them managed to escape leaving the third behind.

Reports indicate that police on patrol rescued the suspect with some injuries inflicted by irate mob.

On interrogation, the suspect identified himself as Davis Musundi Simiyu of Kikuyu Police Station in Kiambu County.

It has since been established that the suspect is facing three court cases for impersonating KRA officials in Nakuru Law Court and two others in Milimani Law Court.

Police recovered from him, Identity Card, fake KRA staff card and NHIF card all bearing his name and photo.

The incident that occurred around 3PM was reported at Thika Police Station vide OB No 63/12/1/2022.

The officer is set to be charged with impersonation, extortion and forgery.


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