ODM Leader Raila Odinga dancing with several Governors and Treasury CS Ukur Yattani during his visit of Isiolo. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

Isiolo residents have expressed satisfaction with the visit of ODM Leader Raila Odinga to the county following a heavy downpour that started while he was completing his address at Isiolo Police Station grounds.

Though the meeting was marred with anti-Governor Mohammed Kuti protests, the locals were happy that the visit was a success and left behind blessing of rain for the region that continues to battle effects of drought.

Those who spoke to The Press Point maintained that the visit was a sign of an end to suffering that the pastoralists were encountering.

“The rain is a clear indication that he (Raila) is the true liberation to the pastoralists. His visit is a blessing to our region,” said Abdinasir Hussein, an elder.

The locals said they were hopeful that the ongoing drought that has killed several animals and resulted to drying of about 90 percent of water sources across the county would come to an end.

“We have suffered a lot due to the ongoing drought but we hope that this is a new beginning,” Ms Asha Boru added.

A section of residents however said the rain was a sign of ‘heavenly acceptance’ that Raila is the next President.

More than 100, 000 Isiolo residents are in dire need of food aid according to recent reports from the National Drought and Management Authority.

Several families have reportedly lost their animals to drought.


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