Senator Fatuma Dullo distributes food for hunger-stricken families in Isiolo at her office on January 27, 2023. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Isiolo Senator Fatuma Dullo has donated 20 tonnes of maize flour to be distributed to 4000 hunger stricken families in the county.

The vulnerable families from all the communities and groups such as widows, orphans, street families, persons living with disabilities, hawkers and single mothers have already been identified with distribution set to kick off this weekend.

Senator Dullo said the donation was meant to cushion the hard hit households from the pangs of hunger occasioned by the prolonged drought.

“The food is meant to help families from all the communities living in Isiolo and who are in dire need of help. I urge everyone to share the little they have with their neighbours even as we pray that God will give us rain,” said Ms Dullo.

Musa Lokitai, a beneficiary hailed the gesture saying the food would take his family for at least a week, lamenting that his livelihood had been adversely affected after he lost his livestock died due to lack of water and pastures.

“I have (after losing all the animals that I solely relied on) been relying on help from well-wishers,” said Mr Lokitai.

Another beneficiary lauded the program terming it as timely as several families were languishing in the poverty.

She however appealed for more help saying that would not be enough as more than half of the county’s population had been adversely affected.

“We appeal for more help to save lives. We have lost all the animals we initially relied on and our lives are in danger,” lamented Ms Aisha Osman.

Ms Dullo called upon the organizations offering humanitarian support to team up and ensure as many vulnerable people as possible are reached.

The prolonged drought, that has wreaked havoc in over 30 counties, has resulted in drying up of 80 percent of water sources in Isiolo with more than 150, 000 of the residents facing hunger.

There is high risk of malnutrition among children aged below five years due to lack of food and reduced livestock milk production.

The lawmaker faulted President William Ruto’s administration over failure to effectively cushion the pastoralists from drought.

“As much as we need trees planted, the government should also find means of helping the citizens who do not depend on farming as their main source of income,” she said.


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