Deputy President William Ruto arrives at St John Kimuchia PCEA church event in Tharaka Nithi on November 1, 2020. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

Journalists covering Deputy President Dr William Ruto campaign tours should be ready to face His Highness, Pharaoh Denis Itumbi, Hustler Nation Spokesman.

The ‘poor’ Tharaka-Nithi County journalists thought that it was business as usual at St John Kimuchia PCEA church event presided over by DP Ruto until they met with the neighbor’s son.

The DP Ruto had just arrived at the church and the journalists were just taking photos as he shook hands with other leaders when the Pharaoh walked from the crowd and ordered all journalists out.

As usual, journalists hesitated and since he could not push all of them outside, he summoned the DPs security officers to throw them outside leaving bloggers.

The disappointed and desperate poor correspondents had to make use of the loudspeakers, sorry to the photographers.

DP Ruto’s events have become grounds for harassment of journalists with three, two from Meru and another from Embu, roughed up by security detail in a month’s time.

Netizens across the country castigated the ‘blogger’ demanding he respects journalists and allow them carry their work without interference.

“Who are you to order journalists out of a church event? WHAT a BIG SHAME!!!” Posed Charles Mwaki.

Ms Sarah Mutiya said it was sad that journalists were being mistreated during an event of the leader who claims to be concerned about the Common Mwananchi.

“If journalists will be treated this way, how then do we trust the leadership of the blogger’s boss?” she posted on Facebook.


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