Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti is a disturbed man- not because of continued criticism against his government by five local MPs but his poor development track which unless, he brings other leaders on his side, threatens his reelection in 2022.

A number of his political appointees among them Directors of various departments, county executives and chief officers have been mum with sources saying they were weighing the side to move to should they be shown the door by the first term Governor who recently warned them against remaining silent while his government was being attacked.

Much worrying to Dr Kuti is recent move by Borana leaders, from Isiolo, Tana River and Marsabit, to forge for unity amongst themselves as they deliberate on how to support their own for the county’s top job.

In his usual crafty bravado, the Governor has paraded his supporters from all corners of the county at Municipality offices on the outskirts of the town to refute statement expected to be issued out by Borana leaders as the council of Elders inaugurate their Governing Council later today (Wednesday).

This is meant to portray the revered Council as biased and speaking against the wishes of the ‘public’.

The Press Point is aware that none of the attendees at Dr. Kuti’s event is being allowed to leave the premises whose gate remains closed so that the county press team can capture the crowd and use it to gauge their master’s political muscle against his foes.

Insiders say the Borana leaders are considering fronting former Governor Godana Doyo to battle it out with Kuti in 2022 with former EACC boss Halake Wako likely to be supported to vie for the Senator’s post.


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