Jerricans containing illicit brew destroyed in Isiolo on December 4, 2021. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Illicit brew consumers in Isiolo are a worried lot following latest discovery by area administrators that some of the brewers have been using Anti-Retroviral (ARVs) drugs, panadol and other drugs in producing the unregulated drinks.

In a raid led by Deputy County Commissioner Kepha Marube, the law enforcers discovered undissolved ARV tablets in jerricans containing the liquor and some other unused packets of the same in a popular joint within the area.

According to the administrator, many young people had been rendered unproductive after repeatedly consuming the illegal product while others were receiving treatment at the local hospitals.

“When one consumes all these drugs their bodies cannot continue functioning normally. We will not tire until we have completely eradicated the illicit business that has turned our youths into zombies,” said Mr Marube.

Area elder Wario Elgoi revealed that on several occasions they had discovered other types of drugs used to treat different illnesses in liquor during raids.

“We have previously discovered dead rats, women inner garments and other drugs but this is the first time we are coming across ARVs being used to prepare the brew,” he said.

More than 10, 000 litres of illicit brew have been destroyed in recent past with the administrators vowing not to relent until they have fully eradicated the vice.

“We are currently on a Rapid Results Initiative that will end this month but it will continue to keep our county safe from illegal brews and drugs,” said Mr Marube who revealed that the crackdown also targeted local wine and spirit joints that are selling counterfeit products.

ARV drugs are commonly use to boost the immunity of an HIV positive person.

When used by a HIV negative person, the drugs are likely to cause diabetes, hypersensitivity, high lactic acid levels in the blood and in severe cases kidney, liver and pancreas failures.


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