The 42-year-old Tharaka Nithi man who was rescued after surviving in a 60 ft well for 13 days. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

A 42-year-old man from Gatituni village in Magumoni, Tharaka Nithi has amazed residents after surviving in a 60-foot pit for 13 days without food.

Royford Mugambi was removed from the pit last evening after disappearing on May 22.

Speaking to reporters at their home on Thursday, Mugambi’ s elder brother Henry Gitonga said they had been looking for him in the villages, markers,T and even in Chuka County Referral Hospital mortuary.

He said after realising that he was nowhere to be found in the villages, he reported the matter to Chuka Police Station and the officers were asked to continue looking for him.

It is while the family members were almost giving up and concluding that he could have died, that the man was discovered in the pit on the neighbours farm.

John Mwenda, who discovered Mugambi, said he was working near the pit, dug by his father many years ago, when he heard someone calling and later noticed that the voice was from the well.

The man called Mugambi’s relatives and villagers who helped him out using a ladder and a rope.

A doctor advised that he be given glucose and milk for some meals before he would be introduced to porridge and soft food.

According to those who retrieved him, he could have been eating soil and drinking water in the well for survival.


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