By Salim Mutuma

Two people were killed and another badly injured by irate members of the public at Maili Saba over alleged involvement in motorbike theft and killing of a rider.

The three were reportedly part of the gang that killed the rider recently and walked away with his motorbike.

One of them was smoked out of his hideout in Chuka, Tharaka Nithi before he was ferried to Maili Saba where he was set on fire.

He had reportedly issued the motorbike to a relative who was found with it after it was tracked in Kanyakine and who revealed the suspect’s whereabouts.

The third suspect managed to escape to his nearby home where he was hid by a relative before the mob raided the home and got wound of him.

It’s while he was being beaten up that one of the onlookers alerted authorities and he was rescued by police officers though in critical condition and rushed to hospital.

Search for those involved in the killing is underway as investigations continue.


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