Lawrence Warunge accused of killing his family in cold blood. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Sarah Omondi

The 22-year-old university student accused of killing his parents, brother, cousin, and a worker in January this year has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.

Mr Lawrence Warunge, who was arraigned on Thursday, will be detained until May 11 when pre-trial will be done.

The suspect was earlier this week declared fit to be charged with murder, two months after he had been declared unfit following a mental assessment done at Mathari Mental Hospital.

The IT student reportedly killed the farmhand before attacking his mother who was in the kitchen, then his 12-year-old brother who was responding to their mother’s distressed call.

The man then killed his father who had jumped from the balcony in an attempt to flee for safety and then stubbed his 13-year-old cousin who was hiding in the bedroom, earlier police reports indicated.

The suspect’s plea-taking was halted in January following the mental assessment report with the prosecution then saying that he was on medication for mental illness.

But, a psychiatrist report from the same mental hospital on April 13, 2021 found the suspect fit to stand trial and his arraignment set for April 15.


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