Former Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo with his running mate Omar Hassan during their manifesto launch in Isiolo town on July 24, 2022. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Former Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo will prioritize improved healthcare services, revamping of agricultural sector, improving access to water and education if elected in August 9 elections.

In his 12-point agenda, the pioneer Governor pledged to offer a conducive environment to traders, construct 100 ECDE centres and polytechnics in Oldonyiro, Ngaremara and Kinna, support crop and livestock farming, address drug menace and empower youth, women and marginalized groups.

On health, Mr Doyo said he will establish level 4 hospitals in the recently formed Cherab, Sericho and Oldonyiro Sub-Counties, install an additional theatre facility at the Isiolo County Referral Hospital, employ more healthcare workers and equip all the health facilities with medicine.

“My government will ensure each ward in the county has an ambulance and the fire engines and stations are fully operational to handle emergencies,” he promised.

His adminstration will also capacity build all healthcare service providers and operationalize Merti Sub-County hospital theatre and introduce ultrasound and blood bank services at the facility.

In his campaign manifesto that he unveiled on Sunday, Mr Doyo also promised to increase water supply to over 80 percent in all wards through sinking of boreholes and invest in water harvesting technologies to ensure rain water that usually goes to waste is stored for future use.

“Our county has been grappling with water shortages and I commit to address the issue by sinking more boreholes and protecting water catchment areas,” said Mr Doyo.

The Independent candidate said wanton misuse of public resources had ruined the health sector exposing residents to a lot of suffering due to lack of drugs and crucial services.

“Unlike during my time when we had streamlined health sector, today there are no drugs, tests and workers to attend to you at the Referral Hospital. We want to restore the facility so that it benefits our people,” he said.

Former Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo addresses residents during his comeback bid manifesto launch in Isiolo town on July 24, 2022. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

He further said that his government would be an inclusive one should he succeed Governor Mohammed Kuti who has since announced an early retirement from active politics.

“I will ensure that all communities are represented in bid to build cohesiveness among the diverse communities living in Isiolo,” said Mr Doyo.

Flanked by his running mate Mr Hassan Omar, the team exuded confidence that they will emerge victorious and asked Isiolo voters to come out in large numbers on August 9 and vote for them saying they will ensure increased development and improved service delivery.

“We met and consulted different groups across all the communities to understand their priorities before coming up with our agenda which we commit to fully implement if you give us the mandate on August 9,” Mr Hassan said.

Mr Doyo becomes the first to launch his manifesto in a race that had initially attracted six candidates two of whom have since shelved their ambitions in favour of Mr Doyo and Jubilee’s Ibrahim Hassan Guyo.


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