Burat MCA Nicholas Lorot and Ngaremara counterpart Peter Losu address journalists over irregular UDA nominations. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Two Isiolo UDA ward representatives are up in arms over nomination of former Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru’s relative to the County Assembly and threatened to challenge the decision in court if the name is not expunged from the list.

The pair wondered how the name of Kelvin Mbuthia who had expressed interest in Laikipia’s Thingithu MCA seat but shelved his ambitions after losing in the primaries got into the list of Isiolo nominees despite not hailing from the county.

Crying foul over what they termed as plan by some party officials to reward their cronies, the leaders appealed to President elect and UDA leader William Ruto to intervene and reverse the decision.

Terming it an illegality, Mr Lorot said they will not watch as their rights are disregarded and maintained that the slot must go to Isiolo resident who overwhelmingly voted for Dr Ruto in the August 9 elections.

“We appeal to our party leader to ensure justice is served. We will not allow a few people spoil the party due to their selfish interests,” he said.

Mr Losu said it was sad the party was rewarding them with such an injustice despite having sacrificed their resources and time to popularize the outfit in the region.

“Is bringing someone from Laikipia to take over a post that belongs to Isiolo residents in line with the party’s bottom up agenda?” he posed, adding that they will not allow strangers deny the residents what was rightfully theirs.

 “We cannot allow someone from another county to occupy a post we zealously fought for because they are close to some of the party officials”.


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