Isiolo Senate candidate Nuh Mohammed Ibrahim (L) Woman Rep Rehema Jaldesa and Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha address journalists on August 5, 2022. PHOTO/PRESS POINT

By Betty Luke

Detectives in Isiolo have launched investigations into alleged plans to commit electoral related offences by some local politicians ahead of August 9 elections.

Isiolo Woman Representative Rehema Jaldesa, Isiolo North MP Hassan Odha and Nuh Mohammed Ibrahim seeking to dislodge Senator Fatuma Dullo were Friday grilled for several hours by the sleuths over election offence allegations.

A summon seen by The Press Point showed that the leaders were to assist in ongoing investigations on their alleged preparations to commit electoral offence.

“…I am reliably informed you could be having information to assist in investigations into the alleged electoral offence,” the letter dated August 4 and signed by the County Criminal Investigations boss Betty Chepng’eno read in part.

Ms Jaldesa and Mr Nuh were accused of planning to disrupt elections at newly created Kubi Sera and Koticha polling stations in Kinna which a section of the leaders have raised concern over claiming that majority of the voters registered there were residents of other counties.

MP Odha allegedly harboured plans to disrupt the electoral process in some parts of Isiolo North constituency.

Shortly after the date with the detectives, the leaders maintained that they had no intention to disrupt the coming elections saying they had in the past held peaceful campaigns in adherence with the Election Act.

Addressing journalists outside the CCIO office, Ms Jaldesa wondered why the security team had not summoned any of the leaders in a rival camp who she claimed had and were making statements that could create tension ahead of the Tuesday’s polls.

“We suspect this is a plan to tarnish our names because the allegations are unfounded. We came to honour the summons and want to dispel the reports and maintain that I am not privy to any plans to disrupt elections in Kinna,” she said.

Terming the allegations baseless, Mr Nuh said they were peace loving and had signed the electoral code of conduct committing to peaceful campaigns and elections.

“We feel this is a plan to malign our name and undermine, coerce and intimidate us and our supporters to influence voting in the next Tuesday’s elections,” he claimed.

Mr Odha, who claimed some of the parts he was accused of planning to disrupt polls in were his strongholds, said he had no intent to interfere with the elections and that he will accept the results.

“Some of us have lost elections in the past and we never caused chaos. How would I benefit by disrupting elections in areas where I need votes?” he posed.

Mr Nuh said the government should exercise impartiality and fairness on all candidates so that there is a level playground ahead of the elections.

The leaders demanded that Jubilee gubernatorial candidate Abdi Ibrahim Guyo be investigated for making remarks (over militia with plan to disrupt elections) that allegedly depicted the Borana community in bad light.

“He should tell police where the criminals and guns are so that action is taken,” Ms Jaldesa said.

They asked their supporters to come out in large numbers on Tuesday and vote for them then retreat back to their homes and wait for results announcement.

“I urge them (voters) to remain calm and peacefully exercise their democratic right (on Tuesday) and effect the change that they want,” Mr Nuh appealed.

Former Governor Godana Doyo, who joined the team while addressing journalists, said they were focused on peaceful campaigns and asked his competitors to follow suit.

“The government should not use selective justice. Our opponents have made remarks that could cause chaos and we want them also summoned and interrogated for the offences,” he said.


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